Truthseekers Excursions for UB Youth, cont'd.

Truthseekers is an event-oriented group for young adults aged 14-21 (older alumni are always welcome as leaders or facilitators) that was launched by Tom Choquette and Fred Harris at Estes Park, Colorado, in the summer of 2002.

Truthseeker Events make it possible for participants to share outdoor (usually outdoor) adventures designed to seek the truth within while at the same time building a community wherein we each better know and understand the other. Simply put, Truthseekers Events support the exploration and sharing of our individual inner lives by working and playing together.

Truthseekers Events facilitate the building of close, lifelong friendships in an extended network of like-minded young people who dedicate themselves to lives of honesty and integrity. Once you become part of the Truthseekers Family, you are always welcome as a member of the Truthseekers Family.

If you'd like more information about Truthseekers and/or details regarding our plans for excursions during TUUFF-10, please feel free to contact Fred Harris at