Urantia Media Arts Competition, cont'd.

The intent of this project is to provide an avenue for creative minds to show their stuff and be recognized at the Festival. Our long term objective is to support film making within the UB community as a form of outreach and cultural impact. We're seeking entries in Web Sites, Film / Video (up to 10 minutes), and Flash / PowerPoint presentations (up to 5 minutes). Specific criteria and other details will be announced soon. We are thrilled to announce that Gary Tonge, one of the most prolific artists currently involved in animation and the film industry (www.vision-afar.com), has agreed to be one of the judges for the event. TUUFF attendees will also be able to vote during the Festival for their favorite entry.

All entries must have been created within the past two years (since July of 2008). Websites, Film and PowerPoint presentations will be judged on how well they introduce The Urantia Book to potential readers, and prizes will be awarded in Montreal on July 4th. 

A website http://urantiamediaarts.com/ has been created to house the submissions, to make them accessible remotely to the judges, and to archive the submissions for future access via password protected pages (where applicable). Technically, submissions will remain the property of the designer for their own use (portfolio, etc.) but the film festival competition board will retain access to unrestricted use of the material for outreach as they see fit.

The coordinator for this project is Christilyn Biek Larson. Christilyn is a second generation UB reader, and is especially invested in promoting second and third generation UB readers. If you have a talent in film and multimedia or are just interested in encouraging the creativity of others and would like to contribute your energy, please feel free to contact Christilyn at Christilyn@urantiafamily.org.