Public Outreach, cont'd.

We are planning several new offerings at The United Urantia Family Festival including a public introduction to the Urantia Revelation. Everyone will have the opportunity to invite people we meet, while out and about Montreal, to come and find out more about this big book we study and enjoy so much. We will be providing activities for readers to become fluent in reaching out to others through social connectivity sites (My Space, FaceBook, YouTube ….) as well as in personal connections with those they meet.

A “road trip” from Montreal to Chicago over a 2 ½ week period is in the planning stages. This traveling university will be used as a means to train participants in speaking and presentation skills, the interactive arts as demonstrated by Jesus, and an opportunity to bond and make lifelong friendships. There will be time to place books in libraries, churches, universities, and with individuals we meet along the way. Enjoying nature sites, stopping for recreation and points of interest along the way will be a bonus for those participating in the trip. Our progress will be charted through blogs and daily uplinks from the road.

Are you interested in participating in and/or supporting this historic adventure? Please contact Thomas Orjala, tour coordinator at

Thomas began reading The Urantia Book in the late 60’s and has since had a passion for introducing the book to others. He volunteered with the Family of God in the early 80’s and has been introducing the book at holistic fairs, colleges, churches and anywhere someone would listen to him. He has put in place new outreach programs that are motivating the readership to go beyond what was previously thought possible.