Your Invitation...

Hi. I have good news for you. I'm Diane, and on behalf of the The United Urantia Family, I would like to invite you to come and join us at the first Easter Spirit Renewal Retreat, which will be held near Boulder, CO at (The Peaceful Meadow Retreat*). This is a call of the souls and it will happen between Thursday, April 7th and Sunday April 10th 2011, exactly two weeks before Easter next spring. And the beauty is that it does not interfere with any other event, yet is complementary with all other events. The goal of this Urantia Family gathering during this very meaningful part of the year at Easter is to achieve a communion of souls, which will allow each participant to live the personal religious experience of an inward and Godward spirit renewal at the soul level - with Christ, in Christ and for Christ Jesus, and to share it with our Urantia family brothers and sisters who will be united there together in the spirit of Jesusonian brotherhood. This Easter Spirit Renewal Retreat in Christ will therefore serve as a catalyst to renew us spiritually and to empower us ever more through our personal daily ministry of service, allowing the Spirit of Truth of Jesus Christ Michael which sojourns with our souls to be expressed openly through each one of us for the good of all and for the glory of God, here on earth wherever we may be guided to serve.

Envision a pyramid. At the tip of the pyramid we have The United Urantia Family Festival, which is a triannual event gathering all the Urantia family brothers and sisters from around the world to share together, to help each other, to support one another. And at the bottom of the pyramid we have the two years in between with the Easter Spirit Renewal Retreats, which will serve to empower us, to make us grow stronger and stronger as a family. And so this pyramid will be a success and when we meet every three years we will have had this personal religious experience individually.

To summarize this invitation. What is the event? The Easter Spirit Renewal Retreat. When will it be held? From Thursday, April 7th until Sunday, April 10th, 2011. Where? (At the Peaceful Meadows Retreat near Boulder, CO*). Why? To live the personal religious experience of an inward and Godward spirit renewal at the soul level. With Christ, In Christ and For Christ Jesus. And who is invited? If you feel the calling of your soul to be there with us, you are invited to come and join us. You can even send us an email right away to make a reservation because we will have a limited number of seats. And we will send the invitation with all the details – the price, the program, answers to your questions, some time around Christmas. Until then, be well and we look forward to seeing you at the Easter Spirit Renewal Retreat in 2011, near Boulder. Thank you.

*Note - the venue has changed since this video was recorded. More information regarding the Peaceful Meadows Retreat and lodging accommodations will be forthcoming on the Details/FAQ page.

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