Your Invitation

It's official! We're going… Will you join us?

Have you ever dreamed of going to visit the Holy Land while reading the Life and Teachings of Jesus in The Urantia Book?

Sightseeing the places we read about is only part of the experience. We propose to you this Gift, as His servants: that you connect both in physical body as well as in Spirit with His Presence.

We invite you to join us for an 11-day spiritual retreat, where we shall walk together in His Footsteps and enjoy an intimate view of where Jesus lived in the flesh throughout the Holy Land. We shall take you to places mentioned in no other place than in The Urantia Book, that no regular pilgrim tour-operator is familiar with.

You will be guided first and foremost by Him, and by several of His disciples and Urantia Book readers, including Diane Labrecque, director of The United Urantia Family Festival (TUUFF) and UB reader from Israel - Gabriel Rymberg, currently serving as the chief translator of the Hebrew Urantia Book translation project.

  • When: Around Easter time - from March 27 to April 7, 2014.
  • Cost: $1,500 USD - This cost covers everything - meals, lodging, guided tours by an Israeli Urantia Book expert/devotee (Gabriel Rymberg, mentioned above), transportation and entry fees to all the sites we will explore and enjoy. Airfare is the only expense not covered.

Spaces are filling up fast and we have only 21 available. If you were waiting for an invitation, this is it...Come join us!