Details / FAQ
  • Passport - Very Important Point: Please make sure that your passport is good for at least 6 months after your departure date in Israel. Their law specifically emphasizes that point, so your passport must be good at least until November 23, 2020 or later.
  • Footwear: You must bring a very comfortable pair of shoes since we will be doing some walking, in order to ensure that your feet stay in good condition throughout the whole trip.
  • Hat/Cap, Light colored clothing: Even though the weather is known to be the best in Springtime, you should play it safe by bringing a hat or cap to cover your head in case we have warmer days. We also highly suggest that you bring light colored clothing.
  • Sunscreen: Please be sure to pack some sunscreen to protect your precious skin and prevent you from getting a sunburn!
  • Jacket: We suggest that you bring a light windbreaker jacket with you to keep you warm at night if you decide to stay outside to look around or admire the area where we will be staying.
  • Water bottle: If you have a water bottle holder with shoulder strap, please bring it with you to carry your water bottle along throughout the day in order to quench your thirst during our visits. You will be able to fill your water bottle at the monastery before we leave in the morning, or you will also be able to buy a water bottle in the cooler inside the bus, if you prefer
  • Alarm clock: It is suggested that you bring an alarm clock with you for your own morning wake-up calls or that you use your cell phone alarm.
  • Currency: Even though all major expenses are covered during your trip, you will need to have some Israeli money, which is called NIS (New Israeli Shekel) to buy yourself a special lunch or some souvenirs and other personal items. To keep things simple, you can use your bank card, debit card or credit card to get NIS at a local ATM when you are there. Please note that we know good local places there to get Israeli money at a better exchange rate than in your own country.
  • The Urantia Book: Please remember to bring your Urantia Book with you since we will be doing some specifically appropriate readings as we visit the different places of interest throughout our visit in the Holy Land of Jesus.