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We are pleased to announce the location for the 2015 Easter Spirit Renewal & Sacred Art Retreat. From March 27 thru March 30, 2015, we will be gathering to celebrate our beloved Jesus Christ Michael at the beautiful Presentation Center, nestled within the majestic Redwoods of Los Gatos, California! Please click here for a map and driving directions for the Presentation Center venue.

This unique Urantia Retreat is a call to the souls to renew our Spirit with the Master through the combined union of individual and group worship that will be expressed through a gamut of various arts.

Please join us as we look forward to gathering together in a serene and beautiful setting, worshipping and creating together as a fun-loving family!



~ The United Urantia Family Mission ~

We are all part of One Global Family on earth, called Urantia as revealed to us in the Fifth Epochal Revelation to humanity called The Urantia Book. The more we gradually come to recognize God as our Universal Father of Love and all human beings as our spiritual brothers and sisters, the more we will fulfill our destiny to eventually become one global United Urantia Family. Therefore, The United Urantia Family mission is to live and spread the religion OF Jesus, which is the religion of Love as He so eloquently taught it and majestically lived it during His human life on earth.