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Click on any of the thumbnail images below to open a slideshow of our Family Photos. This is just a small sampling of the love, energy, and divine beauty that was in abundance. The entire collection of photos Tery McCade took during TUUFF 2013 can be viewed here. Depending on your browser speed, it may take a minute or two for the images to load.


Be sure and check out the bottom of this page of thumbnails to see a sneak preview (filmed at TUUFF 2013 by Craig Rohrsen) of Angie Thurston's musical "The Story of Ruth".



This sneak preview from Angie Thurston's new musical for families about Jesus and Ruth was shot at the August Yosemite gathering: https://vimeo.com/74465951 To skip the intro, jump to 2:12. Angie's musical will premiere at The Urantia Book Fellowship's IC'14 conference in July, 2014. If you are interested in being involved with the production, contact the Chair at IC'14 . Thanks to Craig Rohrsen for the video.


The urantiafamilyties.com site is dedicated to the exploration of each other. Readers of the Urantia Book need a place to meet other readers and gain confidence in our growing community. As this site develops we hope that hundreds and thousands of readers from around the world will share themselves in the exploration of our United Urantia Family.